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Prevents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from disconnecting your dial-up session to the Internet involuntarily. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 shareware.

Freeware to find/set MTU and optimize speed.

Sygate Technologies
Internet connection sharing software, personal firewall software, Internet security and access management solutions.

A program which lets machines on your network start, stop and manage a dialup connection on your server.

Cybernova Software
Give your computer the ability to make scheduled, automatic Internet connections.

Shareware allows lan to share a modem via PPP/NAT.

Dialup Constructor Internet Installer
Dialup Constructor is the most complete third party dialup network entry tool available for ISPs, Universities and other medium to large organisations.

G.E.O. (Get 'Em Online) Software
Brings an offline dial-up PCs online for true on-demand Internet PC-to-PC calls, chat, and FTP.

Unix Serial Port Resources
Lots of resources on configuring serial/modem communications.

Windows clients: email, news, telnet, finger, ping and traceroute.

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