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Wen Hosting FrontPage
Griping about FrontPage extensions on a web host.

Top Ten Reasons Why FrontPage is Evil
Ways in which using FrontPage as a site management tool gives headaches to web authors and admins.

Deleting FatPage Web in Root Directory Erases Drive Contents
An advisory on a FatPage feature.

The Frontpage Bug Collection
What you see is what you get? Hardly. Frontpage 2000 has plenty of quirks, even if the webmaster wants to use plain HTML.

Mega$loth FatPage '98
Parody ad.

The FrontPage Blues
Called upon to complete a web site that was almost done, the new web designer found bloated gibberish. Even worse, the proprietary Microsoft extensions used did not work.

FrontPage Is the Last Page, In My Book
The program silently changes a web author's HTML code.
Documents a number of security vulnerabilities in the software.

Why FrontPage sucks
Let me count the ways.

Vent: This is Why I Hate FrontPage
The program has an infuriating tendency to undo the web author's work.

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