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HotMonkey: WYSIWYG Editor Shootout 2001
Comparison of Dreamweaver, Frontpage and GoLive.

Paul Browning's List includes TTW ("Through The Web" - it works within a browser). Some editors allow a toggle between "view" and "source" modes - this is a bonus but not a prerequisite for this list.

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WYSIWYG Editor Shoot-out
Comparisons between Dreamweaver, FrontPage, HoTMetaL PRO, NetObjects Fusion, PageMill, Symantec Visual Page. Recommendations for beginners and more advanced designers. [Webmonkey]

Slacker's Guide
Free WYSIWYG editors, HTML validators, debuggers, editors, and site inspection services.

Fusion FX
Providing professional design tools, templates and styles for NetObjects Fusion

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