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Validators and Lints | WYSIWYG Editors

The Computer Guys
Web-O-Rama editor. Free download and screenshot. Also offers professional version. [Microsoft Windows]

CoffeeCup HTML Editor
Make changes in the editor in the top half of the screen; see the effect in the viewer below. Includes an FTP handler and a guided tour for beginners.

Image Mapper
Simple browser-based image map editing tool. Requires Javascript. Step-by-step process with full instructions provided.

Search and replace utility with focus on HTML and Web maintenance. [Microsoft Windows]

Shareware Solutions: txtPro
Free trial version and screenshot of this editor. [Microsoft Windows]

Website Meta Language
A free markup generation toolkit for Unix. News, full documentation, mailing list, examples. [Unix]

Creates both client-side and server-side image maps. [Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, UNIX]

Hippie 98
This editor features a side-by-side view of markup and browser output. [Microsoft Windows]

Web Master Workshop
Tools include RGB to hexadecimal converter and link checker. Screenshots, order online.

A free multi-platform preprocessor. Free download, full documentation and examples, links to users. [Microsoft Windows, OS/2, REXX source]

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