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KeyWorks Software
Makers of KeyHelp, which provides native HTML popups, embedded windows, an auto-sizing secondary window, content-level information types, and various script extensions; KeyHH, which is a replacement for hh.exe you can use to make multiple calls that display in a single window; KeyTools, a set of utilities for managing WinHelp and HTMLHelp projects and optimizing their performance; and HTML Help Switcher, which is a testing utility you can use to switch different versions of HTMLHelp. Site includes trial versions.

Visual CHM
WYSIWYG HTMLHelp editor you can use to create and decompile .CHM files. Includes a trial version, ordering and pricing information, FAQ, and a screenshot of the software.

Virtual Media Technology
Sells VMSuite, HDK, and HelpMate. Includes ordering and pricing information, trial versions, and technical support. [Windows]

Products include HelpTron, a WYSIWYG environment for creating HTMLHelp, and HelpFiler, a tool for creating HTMLHelp contents and index files. Site includes trial versions, ordering and pricing information, and a bug report form.

Software tools for HTMLHelp developers, including FAR, which you can use to search and replace across multiple files and to edit your contents and index files. Also includes a FAQ, KnowledgeBase articles, forums, downloads, and books.

HTML Helpy
Shareware authoring tool designed for programmers and non-programmers. Includes testimonials and a demo version.

Sells Visual Basic HTMLHelp tools to automate the production of context-sensitive help. Includes lists of features, evaluation versions, technical support, and ordering and pricing information.

Makers of HelpKit, an HTMLHelp authoring tool, HTMLDocument, a class library for Visual Studio.Net that provides DOM (Document Object Model) for HTML documents, and HTML Help COM Assistant, which generates documentation for COM/ActiveX components and controls. Includes evaluation versions, ordering information, and information about technical support.

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