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slennox's eggdrop page
Lots of useful information from shells to a TCL library.

Eggdrop RacBot
Heavily modified version of eggdrop, added features and modules

Eggdrop and Energymech Uptimes
Eggdrop and Energymech uptime contest, listing the ranks of each bot.

Tcl script for eggdrops
Botnet control script with module support, and source for IPv6 1.6.x

MC_8's Tcl scripts
TCL Scripts for eggdrop, by Carl M. Gregory

TCL script for eggdrop, as well as a house for many other TCL scripts coded by the ruptbot's creator.

MoxQuizz a Quiz bot for IRC
Multilingual quiz/trivia script for eggdrop.

BlindCAT's TCL Scripts
A small collection of script by BlindCAT, including bannick, to ban nicknames from a channel and usermap, to keep the userlist in sync with ChanServ in backup situations.

Jedah's TCL scripts
Some TCL scripts for Eggdrop written by Jedah.

No!Spam Eggdrop Kit
IRC spam detection and protection script for eggdrop.

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