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Bot Services | Eggdrop

Channel Manager
Based on eggdrop. Designed to improve stability, security and functionality.

HAL9000: An IRC Bot Odyssey
RFC1459-compliant IRC bot written in C/C++.

Wiser Bot
IRC Bot written completely in PHP. Base bot availiable with module add-ons to add functionality to the bot.

oer and oer+MySQL
A portable and compact IRC bot written in C

Infobot Homepage
Written in perl, stores and provides information about IRC users.

Sharp Egg
IRC bot written in C#. Currently in alpha stages.

A flexible and extensible IRC bot written in Python.

Fileserving and channel protection bot written in C.

PircBot - Java IRC Bot Framework
Allows you to create your own custom IRC bots quickly and easily.
Has information on Eggdrops, TCL scripts, modules, shells, and news.

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