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XiRCON Script Archive
The official script archive for XiRCON, a windows based client using tcl as its code.

With 826 PIL files in the archive, this is a huge script repositary for users of pIRCh.

The Attic
A large selection of pIRCh PIL scripts, categorized by function. The PILs and add-ons range from tools and ASCII to games.

Author of TheUnknown and Battle Angel scripts for Pirch provides downloads and support for his scripts.

XiRCON script that emulates UNIX.

WavIRC Networks
Contains all the information necessary to download and run WavIRC Clients.

A stand-alone perl script, which connects to a specified IRC server and maps the network the IRC server is connected to.

The author of the LiCe IRC ii script has provided this support site, which includes some specialist add-on scripts.

Includes mIRC scripts, bots and addons, chat clients, and eggdrops.

An mIRC Script. Site contains downloads, features, screenshots and script news.

More Scripts Sites

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