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IRC client for the KDE.

Advanced IRC client for Windows. No longer in development.

XdccIRC client
Java IRC client to help you get stuff from XDCC Bots.

An IRC Client written in the tcl/tk programming language. Both Windows and Linux compatible. Contains screenshots, news, Forum, download area and documentation.
Web portal of IRC-related news and software.

A fast, feature packed, and very customizable IRC client that handles multiple-servers with ease. Open Source, written in C++/WTL.

Vortec IRC
Includes client news, support, screenshots, and contact information.

Advanced ircII-based Unix client. Downloads, news, information and contact details available.

Free IRC client for windows with scripting capabilities.

Based on ircII-2.8.2, and adds many new features. Designed for IRC Operators.

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