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Ultra Protection Project.

ChapsScript PRO
Nice and clean script with support for a wide variety of features. Designed for hardcore IRC users.

Kampung Script
Nice script with many features.

Home of the official script of #oldwarez. Very sleek and well designed. There's a stand-alone oWiRC client in the works.

A collection of mIRC scripts.

An all-around mIRC script. Has all the channel and personal protections and more, with added multi server support, along with many useful features and with a very userfriendly interface. For mIRC v6.14 and above.

team nexgen
mIRC scripts

Overdrive II
A script for mIRC with dynamic popups, plenty of filters and protection, and many very advanced features. Space is not wasted on ASCII art and war tools.

Clean script with many features. Very customizable and designed to be easier to use than most scripts.

Pic Win
mIRC picture window games, demos and animations, tutorials and GUI.

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