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mIRC Source
Also known as the site gives help and scripts for the popular IRC client, mIRC.

DawnMarie's AllWaves page
Offers a collection of .wav files for mIRC.
The support web site for the #mIRChelp channel, created and maintained by volunteers.

The most popular shareware IRC chat client for Windows.

mIRC Net
Resource and support for users of the mIRC client. Contains previous versions, updates, news and scripts.

mIRC Workshop
IRC and mIRC explained in simple, detailed sections with examples, scripts, images and tutorials. A download section and a Script Writing java applet complete this mIRC reference.

mIRC Resources v2
An IRC resource for beginners and experienced users alike, with comprehensive help and articles on mIRC scripting, eggdrop and windrop bots, and file exchange.
Contains useful news, tutorials, and scripts.
mIRC script resource site with scripting tips, articles and downloads.

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