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Text-mode FTP client for OS/2, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, SPARC Solaris, and BeOS Intel. Offers keystroke shortcuts; quasi-GUI version available for OS/2.

An X Windows. Conforms with OSF/Motif look and feel; source code is available.

Secure FTP
Package written in Java providing for secure FTP connections using SSL.

FTP client for Windows and Pocket PC platforms. Features an address book, file and directory manipulation routines, passive and active connections, and file transfer resumption.

Web interface duplicating the functions of an FTP client, providing a way around proxies. Also supports server administration.

k.Soft Custom FTP
Custom FTP software for ISPs, portals, and web hosts, with appropriate FTP sites built-in.

Subscription service providing access to a browser-based Java FTP client. Includes built-in streaming file compression, works with Beehive FTP forms.

LapLink FTP
Offers transfer queue, scheduling of downloads, and drag-and-drop.

Command-line client for UNIX. Includes NcFTPPut and NcFTPGet, which support FTP for shell scripts. Source code is available.

X-Windows FTP client designed for Linux workstations. Motif and GTK+ versions available. Still in alpha.

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