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MailGoGoGo prevents unwanted e-mail from reaching an inbox. Available for Macintosh and Windows.

Filtering Mail FAQ
General filtering strategies and instructions for using procmail, mailagent, and the Elm filter program to filter mailing list messages into separate folders.

E-Mail Shuttle
Migration utilities for various e-mail clients on various platforms. Designed for large numbers of users.

InterGuru's E-Mail Address Conversions
Convert e-mail client address books between Netscape, Eudora, Juno, Unix Mail, csv, Pegasus, Pine, Databases, ccMail, Microsoft Internet Mail, Spry, Compuserve, ldif and Elm.

JavaScript to clean out quoting marks in e-mails.

CompuSven Incorporated
CompuSven Incorporated offers the E-Mail Shuttle which provides immediate and automatic migration and synchronization of data from Anywhere2Anywhere.

Infinite Ink's Robots and Mail Filtering
A good collection of links about mail robots and e-mail filtering (somewhat slanted towards Unix applications)

Faces Archive
Collected and mirrored sources for software that can use picons databases containing personal icons of users, domains and newsgroups on the net.

NotifyMail Software
Software to receive a server signal to check for new mail. Available for Macintosh and Windows.

HWG Filtering FAQ (Windows, Mac, Unix)
The HTML Writers' Guild's FAQ sheet about mail filtering systems (multiple platforms)

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