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Mutt For The Ridiculous User
Brandon Long's page for special mutt patches, includes an alpha version of a Windows port, as well as NNTP and other features.

Yahoo Group for users of the software.

The Online Mutt Manual
Extremely useful reference when reconfiguring mutt.

MUTT - The Mongrel of Mail User Agents
HTML version of Svene Gucke's alternative Mutt manual.

MUTT - the mongrel of mailers
Sven Guckes' Mutt Site is a good, comprehensive companion.

The Mutt FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the Mutt mail user agent. Solves common problems, tells you why you should use Mutt, and why Mutt is cooler than ELM.

Yahoo Groups: mutt-dev
For discussion dealing with the mail user agent.

A small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems.

My First Mutt
Mutt overview for newbies, with overview information and guides for basic features.

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