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Grinning Shark
Software to remove read receipts, HTML, duplicates, and attachments from emails.

A freeware return receipt tool showing when a message was read.

Advanced Attachments Processor
Software designed to extract email attachments from Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape and others.

Integrates Hotmail into any POP3 mail client. Not supported or designed by Microsoft.

Denies viruses the use of address book to limit their spread.

X-Ray Application Software
Offers configurable privacy options and easy switching of mail server settings.

List Cleaner Intravenous
Email address list cleaner that uses a multi-threaded model to alleviate screen freezes and system lockups. Removes duplicate addresses, filtered addresses, and incorrectly typed email addresses.

Retrieve your email from Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Messenger, or Qualcomm's Eudora.

A freeware application that cleans up e-mails that have been forwarded several times.

Send photos, maps, audio and video clips along with a personalised message in a postcard format.

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