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Calypso Email
Now offered as Freeware. Many features including multiple email account management and a spam filter to automatically delete unwanted messages.

Forte Agent
An integrated mail and usenet newsgroup reader.

Intelligent MailBook
Mail client with automated sorting features for project management.

Poco Mail
E-mail client for Windows noted for its safety and protection from viruses.

Vista NetMail
Full-featured Windows e-mail client designed for e-business.
Directory of clients, tools, encryption, and add-ons for Windows.

ExpressIT! 2000
E-mail client software that works under Windows 95/8 and NT with a variety of transports and servers and offers a variety of customization options

Express Plus
E-mail client with support for integration with Time & Chaos.

A 32-bit revision of the old 16-bit Trumpet Newsreader*. It is an email program which allows the user to create, edit, send, receive and view emails. Trumpet Mailbird contains extensive functionality, has a simple layout, is easy to become familiar with and uses minimal system resources.

Anti-Spam and Email Notification Utility for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and 2000.

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