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Bersoft HTML Print
Programmer utility for printing HTML pages in an invisible way.

RPM Remote Print Manager for Windows 95/98
Offers localized network printing control and flexibility including custom formatting options (cpl, cpi, pcl, scs, EBCDIC, queue) for forms printing, and label printing.

LPR for Winsock. [Very Solid!-Ed.]

Hewlett Packard : Printer Management Software

HP Instant Delivery
HP Instant Delivery gives you the variety of a newsstand, the timeliness of the Internet and the convenience of paper. Grab and go!

Print Client for Windows 95/98
Print client for Windows platforms, enabling Windows users to efficiently send spool jobs to network or host system, locally or remotely.

HP PrintSmart
can print web pages in batch mode. Free, but only works with HP printers?

a UNIX print spooler that offers a wide-range of features, from full print job control, to security and advanced queuing. Also supports Windows and Windows NT.

Brooks Internet Software lpr print client
INTELLIscribe is a PC-based TCP/IP print client for Windows platforms, enabling Windows users to send print jobs to network or host system printers - locally or remotely.

Printer utility that controls the way documents are printed. Includes information on printing up to 8 web pages on one sheet of paper, fixing truncation, and scaling multiple pages to fit on one sheet of paper.

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