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Tera Term
Free Telnet client for Windows (16 and 32 bit). Source code and a Secure Shell extension available.

J-Term Professional
Shareware telnet client for Windows with Pascal-based script language and an FTP client.

VT320 Telnet Terminal Emulator
For Win32. From Ipswitch.

Rudenko ShellTelnet
Windows-32 Telnet client for use with a Unix shell account. It shows Unix files in a Windows Explorer manner for easy navigation and file management.

Very popular Win32 client.

the developer of the PowerTerm series of terminal emulation products. They support a full line of emulation types, including IBM (TN3270E, 3270, 3278), Digital (VT520, VT420,VT320,T220), Wyse and General Data.

Nexus Mainframe Terminal
ANSI to EBCDIC translation, Telnet 3287 printer emulator, SSL-based host interface. 16 and 32 bit Windows versions.

WRQ Reflection for the Web
Web-based terminal emulation that connects browsers to IBM, HP, OpenVMS, or UNIX mainframes using Telnet or other host connectivity protocols.

ICOM Informatics
Winsurf+ PC-to-host connectivity and Winsurf Mainframe Access Web-to-host connectivity with high-level data security options.

TN3270, TN5250 and VT100 terminal emulation for Windows.
TN3270 Plus includes terminal emulation for 3270, 5250 and VT100 terminals and an integrated set of TCP/IP utilities in a compact easy to use product.

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