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X-apps FAQ: III. X-based News-readers
The FAQ portion listing several Usenet clients for X-Windows, a Unix system GUI.

Freeware distributed under the GNU public lisence for Unix. Provides the NNTP capabilities required for serving a small local news spool. Also suitable for exchanging news with supplemental news sources for full scale news servers.

For Unix-like systems. A threaded newsreader with an X Window interface. Distributed under the GNU public license. Handles MIME, attachments, killfiles, and launches URLs by clicking.

Threaded Usenet newsreader, ancestor of Tin. Tin is the most popular Unix newsreader.

A Linux newsreader developed in C using the GTK user interface. Intended for searching and downloading of binary files. Screenshots, download and bug reporting available at this site.

trn: Threaded RN
A textbased newsreader for POSIX compliant systems. Under development. Developer is looking for programmers who would like to help with the development.

A flexible CGI tool that implements a Usenet newsreader through HTML pages. GPL'ed. Has been tested on Linux.

A multithreaded Usenet newsreader for GNOME, a GUI desktop for Unix systems. Features decoding of binaries, automatic grouping of multipart posts, filters and killfiles. Supports multiple servers, offline reading, e-mail or Usenet replies.

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