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Part Finder 2001
Usenet viewer that searches the newsgroups for missing parts to multi-part files. Search for up to 21 parts simultaneously.

Windows newsreader for downloading large binary files. Automatic restart and resume batch download. Finds article matching user criteria. Handles file decoding.

OUI: Off-line Usenet Interface
Supports multiple e-mail accounts and newsgroups, even on different servers. Also, killfiles, spam filtering, auto-download of selected messages and seamless threading. For Windows.

Expert Answer Retriever
Specialized client for posting questions to newsgroups and then later retrieving the answers. Free demo available.

A freeware, on-line newsreader. Supports kill-files, filtering and scoring. Supports multiple newsservers.

Express NewsPictures
Newsreader specifically designed for downloading images from usenet. Includes spam filtering options, image previewer, yEnc support and multi-part support.

A freeware newsreader with rules-based filtering. Automatically downloads, decodes, and views images. Offline reading. Multiple server support. Kill file support. No longer developed or supported, but can be downloaded from Strouds and other shareware archives.

alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent FAQ
FAQ for users of Forte, Inc.'s newsreaders, Agent and Free Agent. Covers where to get the software and support, features, and technical assistance.

Ozum All-in-One Multimedia Client
Multi-media client that supports multiple news-servers. Previews binary downloads. Combines multiple parts. Searching and filtering capabilities. Timer for scheduling downloads and autoposter.

Noworyta News Reader
Freeware Usenet newsreader for Windows. Can also be used as an e-mail client. Available in English and Polish. Site has screenshots and list of features.

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