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Newsreader for DOS and Windows. Windows version also supports POP3 and SMTP.

A threaded NNTP and spool-based UseNet newsreader for Linux, *BSD, various Unices, and the Hurd. Links to download sites, documentation and support mailing list.

Amnesia News Reader
Threading and binary capabilities. Features a global search to find music, pictures, and movies in all newsgroups. Supports Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and other platforms.

A newsreader designed for browsing encoded pictures in newsgroups. It allows you to see previews of images before they're downloaded. Available for Mac and Windows.

Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval
Certain minimal standards for writing and evaluating Usenet software that conforms to netiquette. Ratings of newsreaders and of a few web-based ways to gain access to newsgroups.

Online and offline MUI based freeware newsreader for the Amiga.

Information about the NoCeM protocol in general, including a listing of news clients which understand NoCeM, a protocol for reducing spam and other undesired Usenet articles.

Threaded internet newsreader for Unix, VMS, OS/2, and Win32 systems. Highly customizable. Allows you to redefine keys and to write custom macros. Full support for scoring articles, complex filters and killfiles.

Freeware newsreader for Windows 3.x/9x/NT that "should" also work in Win2K, XP, OS/2. Built to support simultaneous use of multiple servers.

Web-based, cross-platform client designed for browsing binary newsgroups. Supports multiple servers and multiple users. Install on a web server with database and Perl access. Also requires supporting modules. Licensed under the GPL.

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