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PC Week: Tearing down the walls: Andreessen discusses Mozilla
Interview with Marc Andreessen about

News, advocacy, interviews, builds, information and discussions. Unleashes Mozilla 1.0
News of Mozilla 1.0's release.

Wired - Messenger Client Joins Mozilla
About the upcoming release of the messenger source code to mozilla. This never happened.

ZDNet: Mozilla 1.0--it's alive!
Report of Mozilla 1.0's release and history of the project.

News, information, and resource center. - Mozilla comes of age
About the current stage of mozilla

Wired - We Are Not Netscape
Jamie Zawinski posted an article about the relations between and AOL/Netscape

Forbes: Beyond the browser wars, web's future beckons
About jwz's resignation and why mozilla won't die

Wired - Where's Netscape's New Browser?
One of the numerous story's about the slowness of the mozilla project.

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