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NewsMonster RSS Aggregator for Mozilla Browsers
NewsMonster contains a RSS aggregator, Weblog Manager, and Reputation System and runs in the Mozilla browser. Comes in both Standard and Pro versions.

An alternative user interface for Mozilla.

Checky 0.5.2 for Mozilla, FireFox and Netscape
The Checky plug-in allows for web content and resource developers to easily access free and commercial online validator services.

WireSpring - Linux digital signage and kiosk software solutions
FireCast, by WireSpring Technologies, is a Linux-based platform for deploying and remotely managing networks of interactive kiosks. FireCast OS, the Linux kiosk operating system, uses embedded Mozilla browsers for everything from displaying client content to providing GUI management tools.

TopStyle Pro CSS Editor / HTML Editor for Windows
Topstyle uses Gecko as its rendering engine in the Topstyle Pro HTML/CSS/XHTML editor.

One Click Dynamic Sidebar
A dynamic sidebar for Mozilla apps that include many programs in one sidebar. Does not include an uninstaller.

easyGestures Pie Menus
easyGestures is a extension for Mozilla Firefox that replaces context menus with easy-to-navigate context menus. Includes a config diaglouge and uninstaller.

MultiZilla is the first tabbed browser UI for Mozilla and has enhanced features over the default implementation.

The Caminoâ„¢ Project
Camino (formerly known as Chimera) is a project aimed at delivering a simple, small and fast browser for Mac OS X. Camino has a UNIX back end wed to a Cocoa front end, and embeds the Gecko layout engine.

The ManyOne Network
ManyOne Networks has released the Mozilla-based ManyOne Universal Browser, "a more natural, intuitive, educational and entertaining way to explore the Internet over even the slowest Internet connections."

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