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Communicator Documentation
from Netscape DevEdge

Netscape Browser Archive
One simple and comprehensive page for downloading nearly any version of Netscape browsers for Windows, Mac, Linux, and OS/2. Featured in Dynamic version.

Dave Titus Illustrations
Mozilla illustrations by the original creator of this character.

Netscape's next generation browser engine.

Netscape's Internet Keywords
The Netscape 4.x browser URL window is a search engine.

The Mozilla Museum
Art, humor, and links.

Netscape Version Guide - Silly Dog 701
Summarises the new features of each major release of Netscape, and includes a list of links to press releases.

Hidden Features
Hidden features of Netscape Navigator. Have you evere noticed that there was numerous hidden features in the Netscape's browser? Some are obvious to identify but most of them are rather tricky and / or completely undocumented.

Netscape Communicator Tips
Useful tips for Netscape Communicator 4+ (4.5+), presented in Dynamic HTML

Mac/Netscape Secrets
Browsing privacy info, includes hacks with ResEdit, shows how a cookie works (with a JavaScript demo) and describes how to eliminate the cookie and history files.

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