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Tcl Plugin
Runs Tcl/Tk scripts. Free.

Extracts web page elements from multiple pages, making them accessible via smart icons on a toolbar. Free.

Spell checker add-on for Internet Explorer that spell checks text input boxes on a webpage.

Netscape Plug-ins
Listing of plugins suitable for use with the Netscape browser.

Allows user to listen to high-quality, interactive music and sound effects. Free.

Image Co-Tracker
Helps user create and manage collections of images from web pages. IE 5 or above only. Free.

Indexes documents on-the-fly and displays the context of any word. Jump to the exact location of the most relevant text. Save information to netXtract's desktop Knowledge Base Manager for future, meaningful use. IE only. Free.

Sun's Java Plug-in
Runs Java applets and JavaBeans using Sun Microsystem's Java 2 Runtime Environment, instead of the web browser's default virtual machine. Free.

Gets rid of banner ads on web sites.

Views AutoCAD .DXF and .SVF drawings.

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