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Links is a text-based browser with support for HTML tables and frames. For Unix, OS/2, BeOS, MacOSX, Win32 (Beta).

A freeware text-mode web browser for DOS compatible computers. Low resource requirements.

Links List Info Page
Mailing list for Links, a text based web browser.

An open source application that allows the user to navigate off-line and search the whole Internet via electronic mail (e-mail) by using any standard Web browser and a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Exchange) aware e-mail program.

A Matter of Choice
Some of the pros, cons, irritations, and joys of using a text-based web browser, from one person's point of view.

Links is a WWW text browser with table support.

3270 terminal web browser for mainframes running OS/390.

Limited text-only web browser for MacOS under development by David T. Pierson.

Pure text Internet tools for the DOS operating system, including a web page grabber and mail reader.

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