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Compact offline HTML viewer, runs off a floppy and requires no winsock.dll. Users can view HTML files anytime.

Web browser that offers skin support, customizable toolbar, custom search bar, information channels, browser tabs, and the ability to save Internet bookmarks online.

Full-featured web browser, written entirely in Emacs-Lisp, for any flavor of Unix, Windows NT/95, AmigaDOS, OS/2, and VMS.

Activator Desk
Internet desktop and browser program for a fast, secure, Internet. It may be used for simple child-safe filtering, or as an advanced security shield, preventing tampering and unauthorized access to both conventional programs and questionable Internet content.

The Browser News
A weekly newsletter that gives you news about browsers, helps you find browsers old and new, and provides internet statistics.

Optimized For No One
Links to and brief descriptions of a large number of browsers for all platforms.

Sun's HotJava Browser, available for most platforms/OS's

Internet browser for power-users that opens sites in separate tabs.

Animated desktop portal and browser assistant.

Voyager Browser
For QNX OS and embedded devices.

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