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Bookmark Buddy
Advanced bookmark manager with search, form filler and non-web bookmark support. Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Rudenko VisBookMarks
VisBookMarks is an Internet Explorer add-on which shows regular IE favorites as screenshots of Web Sites.

BookmarkHit - Thumbnail Bookmark Manager
Browser independent URL bookmark manager with color ratings display, automatic captured thumbnails, multi-level tree organization and search.

Thomer's Bookmark Manager
Generates bookmark files for different browsers based on one or more bookmark definition file(s). For Linux.

Bookkey - Bookmarks by Keywords
Allows organising and accessing bookmarks using keywords instead of a hierarchical structure.

NetMarks Manager
Includes ability to make notes, search, preview sites and manage web favorites. Also integrates with Internet Explorer.

Includes integrated browser and link checker. Shareware.

IC Soft Site Manager
Desktop Web site management program that helps you manage your favorite web sites. It eliminates the need to maintain your sites in the browser's bookmarks.

Browser independent and allows synchronisation over the Internet. Includes search facility.

Link Repository
Simple bookmark manager with support for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

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