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Bookmark Managers

iMarkup Solutions
Collaboration and workflow software for digital content and document management.

Lotus Weblicator
tool to download pages for offline browsing

Offer Internet utility and solutions for information gathering as in IP addresses, translate IP addresses to hostnames, scan networks, zone transfer domain listing, ping, traceroute, Whois to individuals, and companies. Product specifications and visual tour, screenshots, support, download service packs, and purchasing information.

Very small C library to make http queries easily portable and embeddable. An equally tiny command line http client.

Detailed information about your browser including version, javascript, JVM, java, plugins, components, language, screen, hardware, IP, cookies.

Netrieve Offline Browsing Utility
saves Web pages and images in a subject folder for offline browsing.

SAB Web Copier
a utility that makes it easy to download files without having to wade through pages and pages of advertisements. It can be used to download hundreds of files at a time.

Stopped Popup
Demo ware popup killer. Supports Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape.

Offers a simple non interactive all purpose resource fetcher.

Enables a bookmarklets menu to appear on-screen via the right-click button.

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