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SpreadMsg Lite
Provides automated rule based messaging to alpha pagers, digital cellular and GSM phones, PDA's, or email.

Internet voting eases the need for absentee ballots and makes every computer a secure polling location.

Tcl package which enables mechanizing telnet, and ftp, sessions.

Trumpet Software International
Provide several products for connecting to and working on the Internet. These include winsock, firesock, a mail client, and software to connect from DOS.

Incorporates AIM, ICQ, MSN, Napster, and Gnutella. Allows users to chat with contacts across different messaging networks.

A public access Internet kiosk application, containing web browser, e-mail, newsgroups, word processor, and telnet.

net.demon Software
Internet toolkits for Windows 95/98/NT.

Crayon Crawler
a full community software program where children of all ages can surf the net and do many other tasks in a safe environment.

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