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Website for the French-speaking Zope Community.

Luke Tymowski's Zope oriented weblog.

Zope Mailing List Archive
A searchable archive of the mailing list.

The Zope Book
Written by Michel Pelletier and Amos Latteier, read online, users may comment but must be login, or can be download in PDF, HTML, and Microsoft HTML Help format.

Zope Corporation
The creators of the Zope Web-Application Platform.

Zope Labs: A Zope Cookbook
A cookbook style approach taken to learning the Zope application. Hundreds of recipes. Ability to request a recipe.

The new collaboratively edited documentation site for all things Zope.

Zope Mailing Lists
A collection of the 'official' Zope related mailing lists.
Resources for users, case studies, job board, links, Python and Zope webring, mailing lists, and current and proposed projects.

Zope Zone
An independent Zope community site with news, FAQs, links and discussion boards.

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