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Caching software that caches dynamic web pages to improve the performance of all dynamic servers including ASP, Cold Fusion, DLL, SHTML, CGI, NT, IIS, Unix, PHP, JSP and Apache servers. By SpiderCache Inc.

Versata Logic Server
A server platform used to run web applications. Features a distributed component-based, thin-client architecture for automating transactional business logic over the network. By Versata, Inc.

Sybase EAServer
Application server that supports J2EE, CORBA, XML, HTML, DHTML, any ActiveX client, PowerBuilder, COM, C and C++ technologies. By Sybase Inc.

Kabira Infrastructure Server
Object-oriented server platform for fault tolerant & transaction processing telecom and networking services. Runs on SUN HP & NT. By Kabira Technologies, Inc.

Lotus Domino Application Server
Web based Lotus Notes server. By Lotus Development Corporation.

dataWeb Builder
Application server that provides a visual web application development tool. Depends on an ISAPI-compliant web server. By dataWeb GmbH.

HAHTsite Scenario Server
An extensible development environment with a secure, scalable application server to create complete systems. By HAHT Commerce, Inc.

An application server for Smalltalk. By GemStone Systems, Inc.

UserLand Frontier
Frontier is a full featured application server that connects to XML-RPC and SOAP services. It includes an object database, multithreaded runtime, a content management system, and a bundled http server. It costs $899.

Borland AppServer
An integrated solution for developing, deploying, and managing distributed multi-tier applications. By Borland Software Corporation.

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