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Typical Groupware Applications
An overview of the primary groupware applications, including both synchronous groupware (video, chat, shared drawing) and asynchronous (email, workflow, newsgroups).

WACC '99
WACC '99 brings together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines who are addressing or facing issues in work activities coordination and collaboration.

Modifying CSCW Environments Dynamically for Supporting Virtual Enterprises
In CSCW environments data and operations can be shared by users and/or they can have their own defined data and operations which may not be shared by other users.

CSCW Annotated Bibliography
An annotated bibliography, through 1991, of computer supported cooperative work. This bibliography is a part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection.

GMD's CSCW Research Department
The Research Group on Computer Supported Cooperative Work studies the problems of working groups distributed in time and space and develops adequate support systems.

Helping CSCW applications succeed
This study found that the use of a computer conferencing system in an R&D lab was significantly shaped by a set of intervening actors---mediators---who actively guided and manipulated the technology and its use over time.

Groupware - The Changing Environment
Technologies which support collaboration are in greater demand today than ever before, and, in recognition of that fact, vendors are integrating collaboration technologies into their products. Distributed workforces, information overload, and getting products to market as quickly as possible are just a few of the motivations pushing collaboration technology development.

ACM's 1998 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Human Communication Research Centre
When people communicate, they process vast quantities of information. HCRC brings together theories and methods from several formal and experimental disciplines to understand better how this happens. We focus on spoken and written language; we also study communication in other media - visual, graphical and computer-based.

CSCW Evaluation in Five Types
One of the potentially confusing aspects of evaluation within computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW) is that there are many activities one might wish to carry out at different times that evaluate socio-technical systems. I identify five ideal types: the effects of a new computer system in an organisation; the formative development of a piece of software; the evaluation of conceptual developments; the evaluation of a cooperative system where factors other than the computers are more interesting; and the determination of which piece of software to buy.

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