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Netscape Directory Gateway
Description of the Netscape' implementation of a piece of software that is a customizable web frontend to Netscape's Directory Server. The Gateway comes as part of the Directory Server Package.

Symlabs DirectoryScript LDAP Proxy
Homepage of DirectoryScript, the directory productivity language, and DS Proxy, a high performance UNIX-based LDAP proxy.

OctetString Virtual Directory Products
Range of directory, proxies, and virtual directory products enabling customers to integrate applications into enteprise identity & directory services infrastructures.

PerLDAP Programmer's Guide
Description of PerLDAP, a set of Perl modules for easy LDAP access from Netscape.

web500gw: A WWW - LDAP/X.500 Gateway
Homepage of web500gw, a piece of software that is a customizable web frontend to LDAP /X.500 Servers. web500gw is also part of the OpenLDAP software.

Homepage of Perl-based DSML/LDAP Gateway using DSML v.2 and SOAP (SOAP:Lite) as transport mechanism.

Netscape Directory SDK
Description and download page for Netscape's software development kits (SDKs) for accessing LDAP servers.

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