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Understanding Directory Services
The companion site to "Understanding Directory Services", a book providing a technical explanation of directory service technologies. Includes information on X.500, LDAP, Active Directory, and Novell Directory Services.

free java whois++ server

Linux NIS(YP) Server and Tools
The Network Information Service (NIS) provides a simple network lookup service consisting of databases and processes. It was formerly known as Sun Yellow Pages (YP).

MaXware Enterprise Meta Solution
An enterprise-wide, vendor-independent solution that enables large end-user organizations and service providers to access, manage and maintain mission-critical data that is stored in different data repositories.

metadirectory product for integration of NDS, NT, and Notes, directories.

Internet Directory Consortium
composed of companies with a common interest in the implementation, testing, deployment and usage of directory (both LDAP and X.500) products in the market place.

Atlantic Media's AboutFace
employee directory products help consolidate disparate employee data information into one resource.

An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ
A tutorial aid to navigating various LDAP and X.500 resources on the Internet

a portable and customizable directory management system.

developers of standards based electronic messaging and directory software. The company provides E-commerce solutions based on secure embedded messaging.

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