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Message Sniffer
Accurate, multi-platform spam filter updated several times per day using 60,000+ heuristics. Typically scans messages in under 200 milliseconds on modest hardware. [Unix,Windows]

MessageWall is a secure spam/virus filtering SMTP proxy that works with any MTA. [Unix]

ESCOM Corporation
The Active SMTP Appliance is a hardware appliance that dynamically filters and quarantines junk e-mail before it gets to the mail server. [Hardware]

The purpose of this add-on is to intercept each message passing through the IMail server. It then runs a range of tests to determine if the message is unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), commonly referred to as junk mail or spam. [Windows]

Securing Message Networks
Mirapoint's Message Director provides powerful boundary control over incoming message traffic to defend against spam, virus and hacker attacks. [Hardware]

Filtering Spam with Spamassassin on Redhat 9
How to filter spam with Spamassassin on Redhat 9. [Unix]

Anti-spam software that acts as a proxy to existing SMTP servers. Filters E-mail based on DNS blacklists and individual filters such as keywords, IP, From address. [Unix,Windows]

CanIt server-based anti-spam solution
CanIt is a flexible server-based anti-spam solution built around SpamAssassin. [Unix]

Hijack Protection from anonymous Dial-in Access
Prevents SMTP hijacking (outgoing spam) of the respective MX SMTP Server from anonymous Dial-In Users. [Unix]

MailShield anti-spam software
MailShield filters e-mail before it gets to the mail server. Customizable. Free trial available. [Unix,Windows]

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