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Dada Mail
Easy to use open source mailing list management software which operates on any web server that uses CGI scripts. Formerly called Mojo Mail.

Miling list software [Unix]

A mailing list manager, newsletter distribution tool, and message board system [PHP]

Open source project. [Linux]

Open source GNU mailing list management software. It has a many similarities to Listserv which was one of its inspirations. [Unix]

AML - Adaptive Mailing List
Eliminates duplicate deliveries through multiple lists. Advanced moderation features. Sends email in rich HTML form. Adapts to the subscriber's mail client configuration. Public (to list) and private replies supported. [Windows]

A mail list manager written as a suite of modules. [Perl]

CGI script, which tries to merge the technologies of the WWW and mailing lists [Perl]

MailList Controller
Designed to send out personalized messages, manage multiple mailing lists, newsletters, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails.

Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer
A mailing list manager [Perl]

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