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Email bombing and Spam
General overview of problems associated with electronic mail bombing and email spamming. It includes information that will help you respond to and recover from this activity.

Blocking Mailed Spam
This article discusses several alternatives available to sites that want to block mailed spam.

Disabling Relaying
List of M4 directives that will allow control of the relaying behavior in sendmail's master configuration (.mc) file, and therefore prevent spammers from using your site to relay their messages

The Antispam Home Page
Instructions to automatically filter your e-mail, defend your site from exploitation by the spammers

Will deleting spam soon become illegal?
The first of a series of articles on SPAM from Computer Bits magazine.

Anti-spam information
Information, tools and techniques for fighting spam

No spam!
Lots of information on spamming and how and why one should fight it

The Spam Series - Email
A series telling everything about the Internet nuisance, spam, from your Guide.

How spam is sent
Explanation of the mechanics of spam from Computer Bits magazine.

Sendmail spam filters
Sendmail resources from filtering spam (from Computer Bits magazine)

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