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A technology company providing personalized information solutions to organizations. Solutions based on e-Intelligence Platform consisting of proprietary neural network and intelligent agent technologies.

Digital Envoy
IP Intelligence solutions that utilize IP addresses to non-invasively uncover information about online users such as location, domain name and connection speed for applications including online advertising, customization, local search, analytics and online fraud prevention.
CRM analytics and marketing strategy solutions by turning data into insights.

Locate Visitors By IP Address - Development Tools For Geographic Lookup By IP: LocateByIP
Provides developer tools for locating and identifying web site traffic to allow for real-time dynamic content by geographic region.

Providing integrated customer interaction software

Developers of XOS, which enables webmasters to optimize Internet communications, products and offers to individual user segments.

Combines information from marketing databases and user behavior to dynamically display personalized content.

Offers geotargeting using Netlocator, which can pinpoint the location of any IP address. Can be used to build real-time targeted pages and to generate market reports.
Provides information on over 240 countries and 4 billion IP addresses with no software to install. It works on virtually any operating system and web site.

Delivers technology that identifies web visitors' geographic location, the company or organization to which they belong and their connection to the Internet.

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