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enterprise output management solutions

Network and Internet Connectivity including Print Servers, Serial to LAN, and Internet Printing.

SMB print service

Programs generating for example AFP printer resources (overlays, page segments, pagedefs) or proof-printing AFP output under Windows need the AFP fonts in outline format to get real WYSIWYG quality. AFP Font Converter converts an AFP font into Adobe's Type1 format.

Columbia AppleTalk CAP, Columbia AppleTalk Package
AppleTalk file and print services for UNIX

Lexmark MarkVision
printer administration

Printer Working Group
an unincorporated alliance among printer manufacturers, print server developers, operating system providers and print management application developers chartered to make printers and the applications and operating systems supporting them work together better.

Brooks Internet Software - Global Printing Solutions
A PC-based TCP/IP print server (LPD) for Windows NT platforms that enables users to effortlessly receive customized print jobs from an AS/400, mainframe, or Unix system. RPM offers localized network printing control and flexibility including custom formatting options (cpl, cpi, pcl, scs, EBCDIC, queue) for forms printing, and label printing.

Print Spooler

for Winsocks. (also lpr client)

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