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Network Time Services
Information on the time services provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory. Shows reference time server locations in the US on a map.

Time Server Pool
Project aiming to reduce the load on the major internet time servers by using as a time server. Uses round-robin DNS to load balance the incoming requests and give faster response time.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Project.
The official page for the NTP Project. Contains information about the project, reference implementations of the protocol and software links.

Xntp/iX for HP 3000 MPE
The home page for the HP 3000 MPE port of NTP.

Public Stratum 2 Time Servers
A well maintained list of stratum 2 public time servers. Please read the restrictions on the number of clients you can synchronize so as to maintain the quality of these services.

NIST Web Clock
Shows the official US time in each time zone.

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