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Amiga Apache

Apache Server for OS/2
Information & utilities for running Apache Server on OS/2. Prebuilt modules for PHP3/4, and SSL.

The Register: Compaq iPaq runs Apache
"Compaq's iPaq Pocket PC has just become what's possibly the world's smallest Apache-based Web server."

Apache on VMS
MeepZor Consulting ports Apache to Open VMS/Alpha and Open VMS/VAX.

Database Backed Web Application Development
Explains how to setup Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Windows 95/98/ME.

Apache for OS/2
The primary motivation for this port is to show that OS/2 is a viable and powerful server platform and to promote its use as such. The secondary reason was to have a free industrial strength HTTP server with a growing feature set available to OS/2.

Installing Apache on Windows 98
Very easy to follow tutorial that will help the total beginner to install on Windows.

Apache+SSL Win32 HOWTO
Setting up Apache with mod_ssl on Windows NT and 98 to provide secure HTTP services.

Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Windows 9x
Setting these software up on Windows.

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