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Feedstream Fluid
An XML-based desktop content management system for both non-technical authors and XML-enabled web developers.

Real Time System
Update your web site in real time from your PC with the iNET RealTime System data management.

Fog Creek Software
CityDesk is a Windows-based desktop content management application available in a freeware (50 page), home (500 pages) and professional (multi-user) edition.

Pc-based program for creating and maintaining websites and CD Catalogs without programming. Will benefit beginners and experienced site managers.

GlobalSCAPE, Inc.
GlobalSCAPE provides Internet software in a wide array of categories including file management, web development, and multimedia utilities.

CyberTeams Inc.
Applications for workflow and web content management that use web browsers as the application client. Works on a range of platforms and web servers.

Uses an XML based templating system and Java to create a scalable, easily updated web site. Requires Windows 2000 and runs independently of corporate web servers.

EditLive! is customizable software designed specifically for web enterprise solutions, enabling business users to easily create and update content, while allowing IT staff to maintain necessary administration and stylistic controls.

Web Update Builder
A stand-alone program that allows non-technical users to make updates to their web sites while protecting the original layout.

Fog Creek Software's desktop application that lets you manage web sites which change often. Anyone who can use a word processor can update the site using CityDesk.

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