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Configure Web Logs in Apache
Explains improving traffic analysis by configuring Apache logs.

New Architect: NetIQ WebTrends Reporting Center 5.0, Enterprise Edition
Review of WebTrends, with mention of other tools.

Web Site Traffic Analysis Information
An "" section to help one understand how to analyze web site log data. Lots of ads and popups.

Insights - Trends: Case Study:
How handled its search for a Web Analytics solution.

LOGML - Log Markup Language
Designed to describe log reports of web servers. Mining web-data that has been collected from web server logfiles, is not only useful for studying customer choices, but also helps in organizing web pages. The structure of a web site is represented as a web graph using XGMML.

Tracking Users: What Marketers Really Want to Know
Comprehensive overview of web traffic analysis techniques, from log file analysis to real-time feeds from packet sniffing monitors.

There's Gold in Them There Log Files!
Using your Web server log files to direct your traffic building efforts and measure your success.

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Up Close And Personal
A review of a collection of analysis and personalization tools.

Extended Log File Format
W3C's description of the Extended Log File Format. Most flexible of the log formats

Who's Been Visiting Your Site
An expanded version, with hyper-links and more background information, of an article about webserver logs first published in the September 2000 issue Strategic Marketing.

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