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Matt Stanton's CyberEFL
Aimed at the EFL/ESL Teacher wishing to develop educational webpages, this site provides an introduction to, and examples of, JavaScript that can be used to create interactive activity pages

Comprehensive Guides and Tutorials to JavaScript
programming (scripts) explained, basic syntax of JavaScript, in-line scripts, conditionl branching, loops, working with forms, preloading images, functions, object oriented programming, managing keyboard and mouse, events, working with multiple windows, variables, external .JS libraries.

Andy's Introductory JavaScript Tutorials
Includes lessons on dynamically changing background colors, dialog boxes, dialog boxes, displaying random text and images.

Web Genie
Lessons for beginners that explains the basics of the language, including functions, parameters, handlers and rollovers.

Magic-eye tutorial
An advanced tutorial of css-pointing Jscript.

Beginning JavaScript Tutorial by Jeremy Wray
Provides an overview of the language that features instruction on the use of variables, strings, loops, functions, and events.

Free JavaScript Learning Center: A Beginners Course / Tutorial
Offers 14 lessons for learning to write and debug scripts. Includes details on forms, dialog boxes, using objects, and creating windows, rollovers, slide shows, menus, and cookies.

NetScape 6 compatible JavaScript and DHTML tutorial
Free tutorial and 'cut and paste' code suitable for all the latest browsers.

Javascript University
A self-paced Javascript training, recording keeping, certificate issuing site written completely in Javascript. Sponsored by CSUN.EDU.

Introduction to JavaScript
Javascript tutorial for beginners.

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