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Private and Secure Surfing
A Tutorial on securing the computer and maintaining online privacy with Netscape 3 and 4.

Spector Professional Review and Commentary
Does Spectorsoft spy on the spies who use Spector Pro? - Protecting Your Privacy Online
A comprehensive explanation of the online privacy risks and dangers you are exposed to on the Internet, and solutions for establishing defenses against them. Includes tutorials and resources.

Weather Bug
Experiences dealing with the spyware program. Patched EXE file included.

Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet
Information about securing communications and files on the internet.

Offers internet privacy software and ad killing software.

Your Current Internet Information
See what information your browser gives web sites.
Offers free proxy lists, anonymous surfing tools,proxy checkers, privacy and security news.
Informs about Internet privacy issues, demonstrates the information about you that is available to web sites when you visit.

Data Protection Resources
Resources on data protection and privacy in general with useful links to other websites on how to protect your privacy online.

More Privacy Sites

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